I’m riding the air currents on the outbound track to catch a ferry. The ferry boats follow a canal. The boats follow railroad tracks set inside the inbound/outbound canal routes.
I land on top of a small hill. The sunlight is clear the smell of moss covered rocks is here. The tree canopy is high with few low hanging branches. I have a tree, a small-scale conifer and old as time. It’s a bonsai I have unpotted. I plant it into a 25 foot boulder. The bonsai turns into a bright angel.
Again I ride the currents above the commuter ferry system, a boat on railroad tracks. I return to where I come from by means of how dreams work. I begin again the path of the outbound ferry.
Except this time I want to see the local stops.  Not the express.
I drop in the water fast. Using the boat’s cover to duck behind it. To my right is the ferryman. He sees me.
I submerge myself under the tracks the boat follows. I use the tracks to keep myself from floating up. The depth is small, about 4 feet. To hide from the ferryman I climb the undercarriage track back and return to where I came from. The water is fresh, and clean. The vanishing point from below the tracks is a bright light. This is the direction to which I return.
 When I have scaled the undercarriage, I am happy and breathing in water and it feels like easy peaceful … not what one would expect.
 It’s the same way Indiana Jones travels the undercarriage of trucks. But I didn’t think that in the dream. I just think of how good the water way felt.
I could hear the ferryman say in kind words “Where’d she go?” He explained to his coworker he had seen me. They were kindly and thought me to be brave… yet still a stow away I had not paid my fare.
To allay their worry… I pop up from the canal. I say, “sorry, I’m just a girl.”  They are happy with this explanation and let me go. I return from whence I came…. which is the second part of the dream which preceded my freeing of the bonsais.