19 April 2016 In dream : I’m in a familiar hospital waiting room. The walls are woodpaneled. I’m waiting for my mother to finish work so I may give her a ride home.

There are more details: a white plastic grocery bag rests under my seat filled with legal prescription medications.  Legal because my doctors prescribed them to me. I am self-conscious about them. I do not know the prescriptions market value nor their street value. Yet I know they are valuable. I keep my most valuable possessions in a white plastic pharmacy bag under the chair in the woodpaneled waiting room for anyone to see. I feel awkward.  A young woman who says she is my cousin, though I understand she is a stranger, has been following me. I’m not worried about her. Yet she is grotesque. Her skivvy boyfriend in tow doesn’t say much and is not attractive. I have no interior feelings or motives regarding my cousin.

My mother arrives. The cousin asks us for money… and or more importantly, the pills. She is an addict. I feel angry. I snip out my words:

“My mother and I don’t have much and what we do have we need for ourselves. How dare you test my loyalty! You are not even my cousin.”

End of Dream …. note: this hospital is a recurring location in my dream scape from past ten years. This is my first time dreaming of the place for 2016.