The past week the full moon waned. I had a few dreams mostly about my past and people who used to be my friends. 80percent of people with Traumatic Brain Injury lose all their friends. It’s a statistic one can find online. Walter Reed Hospital is a good resource. They are the home base for brainline dot org and military dot brainline dot org. (I don’t feel like linking the websites. Sorry) There are many useful videos on YouTube as well.  I want to get off this topic. It’s nice to write down about dreams and it’s nice to be Ilsa Bazaar, for what it’s worth. I can pretend to be a person who keeps a dream blog and sometimes, I digress. 🙂

When I type 🙂 that means I’m smiling. 🙂


The dreams had Ad. and T. and P. There was dad in a few. Mom too. I was walking back from the hospital again.

I was very surprised to have P. in my dream. I already wrote goodbye forever. I have not seen P. in years. I find it too personal to write about.

I haven’t considered what happens when I dream about people I don’t have contact with anymore. I often write to people after I dream about them. I considered writing to P. but I couldn’t do it.

Maybe the message is the dream. I still care about Ad. T. and P.  It’s their choice not to want to say hi. Not very friendly of them. But certainly, it’s most likely a blessing in disguise.