Tourist… Let Me Roam

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Let me roam where no man shall go,
And I will deliver exotic cartography–
Rivers with flourish and fluid strokes,
Ravines with aquiline symmetries.
I’ll give names to each valley
Where only the wind was let roam,
Make known the vast seas
Where only the tide’s ever gone.
Whether surveyor measuring
Or tourist at ease,
Let me surely explore
All that’s been left uncharted and unseen.
–C. Green


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Chapter 13 – The Hanged Man


It was a beautiful warm, summer’s morning as Leo walked from Old Street Station to Citizens of Coffee. He felt upbeat, even if it was an “unsightly” hour to be going to work, especially for a job he wasn’t taken by. But that didn’t matter anymore because he was about to hand in his notice and commit to a job that he truly desired. Leo smiled all the way in to work.

He had spoken with The Magician the day before and accepted his offer in person, as his inner being had directed him to do so. He agreed with Mr Parker that he would start work in seven weeks time, given that he had a “six w eek” notice period. He wasn’t sure whether he had to give his notice in writing to Mehmet. Nothing was legit with Mehmet so Leo was unsure…

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Brexit: as Carnival of Reaction spreads Labour in Crisis.


Tendance Coatesy

Carnival of Reaction: Newcastle over the weekend. 

This morning after delivering some  Sarriette (summer savory)   plants to my comrade Sarah I passed by Rope Walk.

A group of 3 tasty geezers were talking about the Referendum.

Overheard, “you couldn’t  criticise ‘them’ till now. ‘Slavery’, ‘Blacks” “now…”

The Independent has just posted this:

Brexit: Wave of hate crime and racial abuse reported after EU referendum

Purported responses to Brexit include signs saying ‘Leave the EU, no more Polish vermin’ being posted through letter boxes.

More than a hundred incidents of racial abuse and hate crime have been reported since the UK voted to leave the European Union.

Many of the alleged perpetrators cited the decision to leave the EU explicitly.

One video, purportedly filmed in Hackney on the morning after the referendum, shows a man arguing with someone in a car before yelling: “Go back to your country.”

 The ‘Lexit’ gang predicted that there would be some kind…

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Personal fence


The detective stood in my parents’ living room. My kindle was in his hand. We were sure the kindle had been misplaced. We were wrong. It was stolen by a member of a lawn service crew. The detective asked why hadn’t we reported the theft. We said, “In Vermont, fences make good neighbors.”

Card of the Day – Knight of Wands – Sunday, June 26, 2016 — Tarot by Cecelia

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Today’s Knight of Wands comes to us from the awesome and popular Steampunk Tarot. As you can see, our Knight has the Wand at the ready, and, as the Bringer of Change, feels well equipped to do so. Now is that time to prepare for Mars going direct in four days. Retrograde season has likely […]

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Music is Prophecy


I am not a prophet nor a musician. I believe in Free Will.

Prophecy is indelible paranoia. Superstition is not what the world needs.

Music is best when created in uncertain times as these.

Prophecy is uncertain. It is the anxious exit poll

Prediction causes unease and anxiety.

Why not follow the lyric:

“I’ve seen the future and I’ve left it behind.”

– from “Supernaught” by Black Sabbath

Or perhaps I listen to Jimi Hendrix because he wrote songs for love and to protest war.

I never had realized the unknown prophecy of my hysterectomy I must have in the weeks to come.

I am my family’s only child to survive to adulthood.

And as Jimi Hendrix prophesied:

“I make no child to fight your war.”