It’s challenging to contribute to my blog. Yet I pared myself down. Meaning, I quit Facebook. I did it on a few people’s advice. Capricorn, takes this kind of experience kinda tough. Wounds my pride. But not really. Pride heals. I have an important surgery coming up next week. So it’s helpful not to be distracted. I have advanced knowledge in astrology, tarot, alternative healing. Maybe I will choose to share these tips/experiences. A weakness is also a strength of Capricorn as well as the other Cardinal signs of the zodiac:Aries, Cancer, Libra. These signs are the initiative generators of the zodiac. The other qualities of the zodiac are mutable and fixed.  In my personal life I have had, continue to have friendships with Aries and Cancer, easy. I don’t know many Libra people. Usually my experience with Libra has been short-lived. The full moon was just Capricorn. I have these waning days to share a bit more about being born Natal sun Capricorn. Thanks.