the ghost in the machine

A waking dream. Listen to what I’m not saying.

Today I found you, lovely ghost, labeled in my top shelf liquor

Drenched in my music. Dumbstruck, not diabolical.

An earwig copped as a good buzz as it could get.

That case of Stockholm Syndrome

You brought it, ghost with bravado and brouhaha.


I’m Capricorn. The current energy suits me.

It’s challenging to contribute to my blog. Yet I pared myself down. Meaning, I quit Facebook. I did it on a few people’s advice. Capricorn, takes this kind of experience kinda tough. Wounds my pride. But not really. Pride heals. I have an important surgery coming up next week. So it’s helpful not to be distracted. I have advanced knowledge in astrology, tarot, alternative healing. Maybe I will choose to share these tips/experiences. A weakness is also a strength of Capricorn as well as the other Cardinal signs of the zodiac:Aries, Cancer, Libra. These signs are the initiative generators of the zodiac. The other qualities of the zodiac are mutable and fixed.  In my personal life I have had, continue to have friendships with Aries and Cancer, easy. I don’t know many Libra people. Usually my experience with Libra has been short-lived. The full moon was just Capricorn. I have these waning days to share a bit more about being born Natal sun Capricorn. Thanks.