music study participants wanted

hi. Follow to see this music become reality.

Scientists agree

it’s a theory.

Change one variable at a time.

I begin with live music that makes me feel alive

create a mixtape with me and for us

reply with anything to help diminish the crowd

And one:

Warpaint – Burgandy – Rough Trade Records


Music is Prophecy


I am not a prophet nor a musician. I believe in Free Will.

Prophecy is indelible paranoia. Superstition is not what the world needs.

Music is best when created in uncertain times as these.

Prophecy is uncertain. It is the anxious exit poll

Prediction causes unease and anxiety.

Why not follow the lyric:

“I’ve seen the future and I’ve left it behind.”

– from “Supernaught” by Black Sabbath

Or perhaps I listen to Jimi Hendrix because he wrote songs for love and to protest war.

I never had realized the unknown prophecy of my hysterectomy I must have in the weeks to come.

I am my family’s only child to survive to adulthood.

And as Jimi Hendrix prophesied:

“I make no child to fight your war.”




Jimi Hendrix

I listen to Jimi Hendrix daily. The internet bothers my head injury.

I have some anxiety so I tend to see the negative side of world politics.

Then again, it’s a trying time. I would like advice on how to improve my blog. Simply, where is the “about my blog” prompt? Easy ideas for a visually impaired yet sonically gifted person.

I enjoy recording my dreams.

I also reblog articles of international importance.

I am a follower of Emma Goldman, Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky.

Essentially, I hope to give myself and any reader encouragement.