On hiatus

hi. thanks. I am glad for your help. I plan not to post any new items until September or later. However most likely I will post a dream or two. Reblog, etc. Enjoy Summer Vacation!!


Annual Goals : this blog adventure

This is a blog to record my dreams.

I have the usual impairments of the computer literate,

I can only do so much.

I need to brainstorm a few goals for this blog adventure and see if

I may improve my knowledge and experience.

To begin with I would like short attainable goals. A sense of accomplishment is motivating factor to contribute more often to the

group dynamics of blogging.


I feel very uncomfortable with the ephemeral nature of electronic media.

I would like audio files for every written word I give.


It’s important to me because slipping and regaining balance on the arts-tech learning curve is the only way I’m going to improve my foothold.


It’s slippery for many reasons. The largest reason is I don’t have much respect for the medium. I question my motivation.

Green sky morning. Seagulls.

Mr. M. is watching the dawn up. I don’t remember my dream last night.

I woke at the usual times, 3 and 5. That’s a creamy green sky of kiln glass. Mr. M. is a cat. He and I look through the same window every morning and work to name the color. The windy color. The opposite of my 3:00 AM eyes. Fearless and red pasted in sand. I woke because I heard myself speak aloud in my sleep. I apologized to my parents. “I’m sorry. I was here the entire time and made you walk the whole way.”  Since that accident , over ten years now, since I had to salvage any remains of brain bits I speak up in  my sleep. The sky is a Tiffany lampshade.