25th April 2016 No spoilers. The 1st episode of the 6th season of GOT aired last night. My dream had one of the characters in it. To err on side of caution I don’t want to share which character.

In dream: three of us, myself,another woman and a male have taken oaths to one another. Oath similar in words to knight and noble tradition.

I travel to the Okemo mountain area in Southern Vermont. I have fun debate with the man. He says Burke mountain is the best. I say Jay Peak. I think to myself this dream time period is set before the news broke about the money scandal involving the owners of the two resorts.

I tease the man with affection. “Maybe take the Alpine Slide at Okemo.” I talk with my hands and pantomime steering a sled. I’m not sure there is a summer season slide at Okemo. I think of it as a mountain where tourists ski. I think of it as “baby mountain”.

I find video footage of the other woman who made oath with us. I need to find her. I pantomime writing her a note on a metal surface. She arrives and helps me erase the video camera images that we don’t want anyone to see , especially the man. End of dream.