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hi. thanks. I am glad for your help. I plan not to post any new items until September or later. However most likely I will post a dream or two. Reblog, etc. Enjoy Summer Vacation!!


music study participants wanted

hi. Follow to see this music become reality.

Scientists agree

it’s a theory.

Change one variable at a time.

I begin with live music that makes me feel alive

create a mixtape with me and for us

reply with anything to help diminish the crowd

And one:

Warpaint – Burgandy – Rough Trade Records

Burn… Rock Against Bone

This is great. Right on time. Thanks.

another quiet muse

Firmament and fire

Is the nature of desire

For my love of man

And the joys he inspires.

Words burn as they yearn

To speak of passion and trust;

A message of gifting

Whole-heartedly must

Be heard above all

With actions of care.

They smolder as embers,

With contentedness flare.

For the heart of this woman

Is like rock against bone,

A flint made for sparking

By one man alone.

–C. Green


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Wishing Spell, Wishing Well, Cast your Wishing Spell

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Wishing Spell, Wishing Well, Cast your Wishing Spell

Wishing Spell

You will need for your Wishing Spell:  A piece of yellow ribbon, a small piece of paper, concentration, a living tree,  a pen choose the color based on your wish, money=green,  joy =red,  love =red,  friends =pink  etc. Now take your time and concentrate on your wish when you have it firmly in your mind.  Write it on your piece of paper, the piece of paper needs to be small enough to roll into a scroll and tie with the ribbon.

When you have finished writing your wish, take it outside and tie it to the tree. As you tie the ribbon to the tree chant:

This simple wish is mine to cast

I speak this spell to make it last

I tie it to this tree  

Now I ask that wind and rain set it free

That my wish may come to me

So mote it…

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Snow car much?

Thank you . Fascinating!

Travel Much?

1-Svalbard kart Svalbard is “Treaty Country”, and governed by Norway. You need a passport as you are leaving the Schengen when you go there.

I used to live in the northernmost town in the world. Longyearbyen, Svalbard. Living at 78 degrees north, means that you have to deal with midnight sun for 4 months, and the total absence of sunlight for 2 months, called Polar Night, when the sun is 6 degrees or more below the horizon all the time. I did not mind the dark season at all – I actually enjoyed it. But – of course it was nice when the light started to return, first in the form of a short period every day with this intense blue light, and later with actual daylight.

Soldiagram Sun diagram of Longyearbyen – showing the seasons of the sun. Until I find the English version, the Noregian one just has to do.


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Tourist… Let Me Roam

another quiet muse

Let me roam where no man shall go,
And I will deliver exotic cartography–
Rivers with flourish and fluid strokes,
Ravines with aquiline symmetries.
I’ll give names to each valley
Where only the wind was let roam,
Make known the vast seas
Where only the tide’s ever gone.
Whether surveyor measuring
Or tourist at ease,
Let me surely explore
All that’s been left uncharted and unseen.
–C. Green


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Chapter 13 – The Hanged Man


It was a beautiful warm, summer’s morning as Leo walked from Old Street Station to Citizens of Coffee. He felt upbeat, even if it was an “unsightly” hour to be going to work, especially for a job he wasn’t taken by. But that didn’t matter anymore because he was about to hand in his notice and commit to a job that he truly desired. Leo smiled all the way in to work.

He had spoken with The Magician the day before and accepted his offer in person, as his inner being had directed him to do so. He agreed with Mr Parker that he would start work in seven weeks time, given that he had a “six w eek” notice period. He wasn’t sure whether he had to give his notice in writing to Mehmet. Nothing was legit with Mehmet so Leo was unsure…

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Brexit: as Carnival of Reaction spreads Labour in Crisis.


Tendance Coatesy

Carnival of Reaction: Newcastle over the weekend. 

This morning after delivering some  Sarriette (summer savory)   plants to my comrade Sarah I passed by Rope Walk.

A group of 3 tasty geezers were talking about the Referendum.

Overheard, “you couldn’t  criticise ‘them’ till now. ‘Slavery’, ‘Blacks” “now…”

The Independent has just posted this:

Brexit: Wave of hate crime and racial abuse reported after EU referendum

Purported responses to Brexit include signs saying ‘Leave the EU, no more Polish vermin’ being posted through letter boxes.

More than a hundred incidents of racial abuse and hate crime have been reported since the UK voted to leave the European Union.

Many of the alleged perpetrators cited the decision to leave the EU explicitly.

One video, purportedly filmed in Hackney on the morning after the referendum, shows a man arguing with someone in a car before yelling: “Go back to your country.”

 The ‘Lexit’ gang predicted that there would be some kind…

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Personal fence


The detective stood in my parents’ living room. My kindle was in his hand. We were sure the kindle had been misplaced. We were wrong. It was stolen by a member of a lawn service crew. The detective asked why hadn’t we reported the theft. We said, “In Vermont, fences make good neighbors.”

Card of the Day – Knight of Wands – Sunday, June 26, 2016 — Tarot by Cecelia

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Today’s Knight of Wands comes to us from the awesome and popular Steampunk Tarot. As you can see, our Knight has the Wand at the ready, and, as the Bringer of Change, feels well equipped to do so. Now is that time to prepare for Mars going direct in four days. Retrograde season has likely […]

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